Bookmakers to bet on cycling

bet on cycling

Cycling is one of the sports that are among the featured sports of many bookmakers. Although they are not all that pay full attention to this sport, there are many of them that think of the fanatical users of this exciting sport. As we know that finding a good legal bookmaker in Spain is not an easy task, we want to offer you our help with our next article, where we will see a list of the best bookmakers and then we will talk a little about each one of them.

Markets available to bet on cycling

When it comes to betting in the different bookmakers and in the different sports, you can find a wide variety of markets available. Some offer innovative and super entertaining bets that allow your imagination to run wild thinking of possibilities. In cycling betting you can find innovative and popular markets. Let’s take a look at some of the markets available in cycling sporting events.

Bet on the winner of the race

This type of bet is the most popular in cycling and in this bet you can bet on the winner of the one day race or in stage races you can bet on the winner of each stage.

Bet on the final winner

In stage races it is possible to choose which rider will win the overall final of the race or to establish an official classification that counts that race.

Live betting

Live betting

Live bets are given when the races are already underway. This form of bet generates a lot of adrenaline and you must be very careful not to miss any detail. The best thing about this type of bet is to take advantage of the right moment to make a good bet.

Comparison bet

Comparison bets in cycling are extremely common and occur when 2 riders are compared, betting on which of them will be higher than the other at the end of the race or stage.

The most popular cycling races to bet on online

The most popular cycling seasons are the 3 Grand Tours that start in January and end in October. Year after year, 3 laps of 21 stages are run in the following races:

  •   Tour of Italy in May
  •   Tour de France in July
  •   Tour of Spain in August

Some tips and strategies for betting on cycling

Some tips and strategies for betting on cycling

Betting on cycling can be very entertaining and profitable if you know what you are doing. To be able to know in depth about the sport and how to bet on this sport.

Before starting, we recommend that you study what the sport is about and then do a statistical analysis of the odds and the possible variables that can affect your bet. It is important to take into account for cycling bets the weather, the profile of the stage, which team the cyclists belong to, whether there is wind or not, the physical condition of the riders, etc.

The key to being effective is to have a good betting strategy, you should always bet from your brain and not from your heart.

Pay attention to the numbers offered by forecasts and statistics. Combine that information with the factor analysis you’ve done. Being a highly physical and mental sport, it is important to study the physical, emotional and personal context of the runner.

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