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Midi Remote Scripting in Ableton Live (Videos)

I couldn’t figure out how this worked for the longest time, so after reading a post on the Ableton Cookbook, I got annoyed and just had to figure it out once and for all.

So I made a set of videos to help save you the trouble of figuring out what they are, and how they work.

Watch Part 1 of Midi Remote Scripting

Watch Part 2 of Midi Remote Scripting

On Windows you are looking for:
Users – YourName – AppData – Roaming – Ableton – Live 8.14 – Preferences > User Remote Scripts

Preferences – Ableton – Live 8.14 – User Remote Scripts

For more info see:

An argument for using user scripts
Ableton Live MIDI Remote Scripting How To: Korg nanoSeries Control

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thanks for listening :>