Introducing into Punto y Banca game

Punto y Banca game

Do you want to know the Punto y Banca game? Join us in this section and discover its history, the objective of the game and everything about how to play it.

With us you will learn the mechanics of the game, the value of the cards, the difference between Baccarat and Punto Banca; and all the information you need to immerse yourself in this fun adventure of online casino games.


If you decide to start your adventure in online casinos with this game; The first thing you should keep in mind is that this was born as a variation of the game that we currently know as Baccarat.

The second thing you should know is that it is a game that has at least five centuries with us. Its creation dates back to the Middle Ages, between the 5th and 15th centuries, in Italy by Felix Falguiere. It began as an exclusive game for the upper classes and its initial name was Baccara, an Italian word that means zero (0).

The game was inspired by a legend from the ancient Etruria region of northeastern Italy. The story told that a maiden had to leave her fate to chance, throwing a 9-sided dice before the gods. The result of the die depended on whether she would be: banished (if she rolled 1 to 5), thrown into the sea (on a 6 or 7), or made a priestess (on an 8 or 9).

Over the years and with her incursion into other worlds, the game evolved; thus it arrived in France where she added a “t” to the end. And so she became Baccarat, the name by which we know it today.

Leaving France, she went to the United Kingdom and from there in the fifties she arrived in the United States; although by that time it already existed in the American continent, especially in the casinos of Cuba. It continued to spread throughout the world, until it reached the casinos as a table game.

For its introduction in the casinos it was necessary to make two modifications to the game. One was to reduce the size of the tables. The other was to give more participation to the house; and thus it became one of the most famous online card games today.



As we saw above, the Punto y Banca or Punto Banco game emerges as one of the most popular variations of Baccarat that exists; but in addition to this there are 5 more variations. Here we will know them and we will be able to see the differences.


The original game is similar to the black jack rules but simpler.

It is a board game.

It is played with French cards of 52 cards, which are dealt with a “sabot” or shoe.

There must be a maximum of 14 players at the table.

The purpose of the game is to accumulate 9 points or a number as close as possible.

This game begins by placing a bet on your cards, the dealer’s or a tie.

The role of the dealer rotates among the players at the table.


In this version of the game, 12 to 14 players participate at the table, which are divided equally, on either side of the table.

3 dealers are needed. Two assigned to each half of the table and one to deal the cards and define the play.

In addition to the 3 dealers, 1 or 2 supervisors are required.

In this game the players must, before starting the game, bet on their cards (the Point), those of the dealer (the Bank) or on the tie.

The “sabot” or shoe is in charge of any of the players who bet on the Bank, and once they win the Point, they must pass it on to another player.

When the Bank wins, the house receives 5%.

The game table is oval in shape, with a mark where the dealer should be located.

The mat is divided into several boxes, to indicate where each of the players should be located.

Punto Banca is one of the best known and most played versions.

3. MIDI Baccarat

In this version, a single dealer and a single supervisor are required.

At this table the maximum number of players allowed is nine (9).

The table is lower and larger than the tables of the other card games.

Depending on the casino, the “sabot” can be carried by the players.



In this one, as in Midi Baccarat, a dealer and a supervisor are required.

The main difference is that it is a game with faster dynamics because the dealer is in charge of removing the already uncovered cards.

It is played on a card table like conventional games.


This version appeared in the 19th century.

This type of Baccarat can be found in some casinos.

Here the Bank passes from one player to another, starting with the player located to the right hand of the dealer.

It is played with French decks.

The maximum number of players is nine (9) and the minimum is five (5).

The objective is to add eight (8) or nine (9) points to win, and that is called having a natural.

If the Bank wins, the casino gets 5%.


This variation is relatively new, it emerged in 2004.

You can bet the same for the Banker, for the player or the tie.

It has two betting options, which the other versions do not have. One is the Panda 8 and the other is the Dragon7.

The Dragon 7 pays 40:1, if you get a hand that totals seven (7) with three (3) cards.

Panda 8 pays 25:1, if you get a hand of three (3) cards that add up to eight (8).

The draw pays 9:1.

The bet of both the Player and the Banker pays the same amount of money. The 5% commission that appeared in the other versions is eliminated.

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