Mechanics of the game of point and banking

Mechanics of the game

Here we will explain the game step by step, with this guide you will have no loss. We remind you that the dynamics of the game in land-based casinos is similar to that of online casinos. Only in the second option, you can do everything from the comfort of your home.



The dealer represents the house, called in this game the Bank. While the players represent the Point.

The game begins with the Punto and the Banco arranged on the table.

The dealer will be in charge of dealing the cards, counting the points and deducing who has the winning hand.

Making use of the shoe or “sabot”, a shovel-shaped utensil that is usually made of wood; the dealer will deal the cards around the table and collect the betting chips.

The table has a delimited space for each player, where you can observe the three options that you have available in the game at the time of betting: betting on the Bank, on the Point or on the draw.

To start the game you must place your bet and place the money in one of those three boxes. At this time you can make use of the welcome bonuses that casinos offer to their new users. At the end of these steps we will explain how to obtain these bonuses by entering through our website. Entering with us you will only have to click on the buttons PLAY NOW! from our list of the “Best Casinos” that we leave you here; without the need to use any promotional code.

Once everyone has placed their bet, we’re ready to go.



With the bets ready, the dealer begins to deal the cards. He will do it one by one and face up, until he deals two cards to each player and two to himself.

If in this first distribution someone has added eight (8) or nine (9), that will be the winning hand and the game ends. Otherwise we must review what type of hand we and the dealer have obtained, and thus know what our next step will be.

Depending on the cards obtained, we can stand up or receive a third card. Check again the “Value of the cards” section, to know how to continue.

Once the Punto and the house already know whether to stand or ask for a third card, we proceed to this distribution.

After this, the cards and the sums are reviewed and the winner is decided.

If you decide to play it in its online version, the house and the software will take care of everything. You just have to choose your bet well and start playing, either with real money or for free. Both options have their particular advantages:

Playing in the demo version will allow you to better understand the game, the rules and the plays.

While playing the real money version, you will be venturing into opting for big cash prizes.

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